Camping with “The Girls”

What’s camping without K-9 companionship?

Not as fun!

We have been traveling and RVing with our pups for years. Sadly, we’ve had to say goodbye to a couple faithful fur babies over the years.

We love adopting senior dogs to give them a “fur-ever” home for as long as they are with us. Right now we have been traveling with Willow, our 10-year-old border collie/chow mix, and the newest member of JK and Kim in the Camper clan, Tia, an adopted retired breeder mom Goldendoodle who is just 6-years old and still a puppy at heart.

We’ll also share photos of our beloved travel companions who have headed over the Rainbow Bridge just for old times sake!

Ride along with these girls as they enjoy the RV lifestyle.

Willow -vs- Tia food catching contest in the Camper!
Tia at the door checking out the new camp spot.
The girls are ready for a tour of the campgrounds.
Meeting new friends during a lunch stop in Wisconsin.
“Where are we going today Papa?”
Miss Willow, better known as “Willow-beaner,” “Wills,” “Baby Girl”, “Snicklefritz”, etc.
Willow and Tia hanging out in the Vegas 24.1.
Time for a little loving from Mama.
Jeep Dog.
Just following what the sign sez.
Willow soaking up the sunshine while Mama works.
Mean guard dog!
Willow and our sweet Emmy at the Grand Canyon. This would be Emmy’s last trip with us.
The sweet Golden girl, also an adopted former breeder mama, passed from cancer shortly after our return home .
On a road trip out west, Emmy seemed happy to meet our granddaughter and her favorite baby chicken.
Isn’t it dinner time yet?
Always watching….
Campground stroll with the girls.

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