Taking this week off to catch-up

Hello friends!

It’s JK and Kim!

We are hunkered down inside our cozy southern Minnesota home trying to stay warm (and positive) as freezing winds whip the snow around. To say we wish we were still in Florida is an understatement!

We wanted to let you know there will not be a new blog this week.

Why? We are holding off posting a new blog for one week so our #vanlife videos on our YouTube channel can catch-up. After this week, we will pair our new blog posts with our new videos so they both come out on the same day and give you two different ways of experiencing our van travels!

So, in the meantime please click the link below to head over to our JK and Kim in the Camper YouTube channel and watch our latest video.

Feel free to “binge watch” all of our other videos. While you’re there, LIKE, SUBSCRIBE, and hit the NOTIFICATION bell! That will help our little channel grow!

Have a great rest of the week and stay warm!

Love JK and Kim

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